Free write!!

This is a little review on my week!! Today my birthday so I got some new stuff!! I got light green corduroys from Pac Sun and crocs and a poncho for boating!! I also got a bunch of candy and of course lots of  b-day texts!!! I’m having a great day so far. This week I have skiing and I’m way excited because I qualified for IMD Finals!! Im racing GS on Saturday and slalom on Sunday. I also got a new helmet and new gloves. I don’t really know what else to talk about haha. On sunday we had dinner at my grandmas and had cake and ice cream for my birthday!! It was way fun! Anyway, that’s a little about my week.

My thoughts on Covid

What I think about Covid-19

Covid-19 has defintely changed all of our lives (and probably not for the better)!! Things have been pretty good for me but I for sure hate the masks, social distancing, and online school. It doesn’t bother me at all whether people do or don’t wear a mask, but if I don’t have to, I won’t. Family life pretty much stayed the same, but I got SOOOOOO annoyed with my siblings during quarantine. School has been one of the hardest things for me to get used to. When Covid started, I was in 5th grade and then everything shut down and we all went online. My grades went down I would have a bunch of missing assignments, and I would finally finish school at like 7:00pm. It was way better in 6th grace when we got to be back at school, but I hated wearing masks. I pretty much felt like I was drowning and it was sooooo annoying to have a bunch of hot air in my face all the time. Sooooo… that’s how I feel about Covid and how it’s affected my life. Thanks for reading!!

My trip to Cali!!


So last late summer/early fall my family and cousins on my mom side took a trip to Newport Beach! It was super fun and overall a great trip!! We stayed in a tiny little house that did not look at all like it did on AirBNB but it was fine because we barely spent time in it anyway haha!! We spent most of our time at the beach swimming, playing in the waves, and getting fried while laying on our towels in the sun. We had a surf lesson with this surf school of just a couple people and it was way fun! The waves were bigger and less predictable than when we surfed at Waikiki in Hawaii but it was super fun because it was a bit more challenging. We took a LOT of trips to Jack’s Surf Shop and usually walked down the boardwalk to a donut shop for breakfast!! There was also a Handle’s Ice cream place so we would go get ice cream there during the day. Another great place we went to was the Old Spaghetti Factory!!! My absolute fav thing there was the rasberry cream soda! Newport Beach is a great place to go any time and I would love to go back!!

What to give a 13 year old girl!

Here are 10 things to give a 13 year old girl!!

If you don’t have any idea on what to get your 13 year old friend or daughter for a special occasion, here are some great gift ideas to get you started to find the perfect gift!

1: waxed thread bracelets





2: Get Back St. Christopher necklace

3: Cute crystal and jewel rings

4: oversized sweatshirt blanket!! (comfy)

5: pastel shark watch

6: burts bees (or any good flavor) chapstick

7: stanley insulated water cup

8: cute pattern thread wallet

9: disk bead bracelet making kit

10: led lights for their room

Thanks for reading!!!

Free write!

My weekend!!

Hey! This is a little bit about my weekend!! I had skiing Thursday, Friday and Saturday like normal and it was super fun!! We were training combi because we have a combi race coming up soon! My fav cousin Ginger was in my group on Saturday so that made it way fun!! She is super funny and it was also really sunny so it was a good day!! On sunday we watched the super bowl and she and her family came over to watch it with us as well as my grandparents, some aunts and uncles and a bunch more cousins!! We and a great time and played four-square on the basketball court and had really yummy burgers and chips and soda and more good snacks! Overall, it was a great weekend!! Thanks for reading!!

Free write

My weekend

This weekend was pretty normal! I had ski training on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and it was all really fun. On Thursday I trained at the UOP(Utah Olympic Park) and it was reeeaallly cold! It was like 8 degrees and I was wearing just a speed suit and my coat so that didn’t make it better! We trained slalom and I was doing pretty good but it was so icy so I slid out a few times! On Friday, training was at Snowbird and we trained GS because we have a GS race coming up on Tuesday! It was super icy because it hasn’t snowed up there in like 6 weeks so the course was kinda sketchy. We also free-skied and spent a lot of time running mineral basin and baldy. On Saturday we had early-morning so I had to wake up a 5am and get ready to go!! It was really cold and icy so the course was kinda scary but it was good training!! The coaches also did video so I got to see my run and how I can improve. Since it was so cold, we took a 20 min break in the creekside lodge, and then I had to leave for my cousins baptism! It was really fun and we went to Hire’s Big H after! That’s a little bit about my week! Thanks for reading!!

My trip to Hawaii


Last year over spring break, I went to Hawaii. It was so fun and I had so many great experiences! It was a 6 hour flight over and it was weird to be 3-4 hours behind when we got there. We stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort on the island Oahu and surfed, went snorkeling, walked around and shopped by the North Shore, and just played on the beach while we were there. We had surf lessons on Waikiki and it was really fun! We had 3 lessons over the week and I got pretty good by the end. First, my sister and I’s instructor Jon-Jon showed us how to lay on the board, and how to correctly stand up. What we did is we would go out with him, wait for a good wave, and then he would tell us to paddle and push us as well. It was pretty easy to stand up on the board and when we were sitting on our boards waiting for a wave, we saw lots of cool fish and sea turtles swimming around us! It was so cool and I also learned that sea turtles will bites your toes if they ge the chance!! There were so many great places to eat and even more awaesome snow cone places! My favorite one we went to had lots of flavors and these things called azuki beans. It also had condensed milk(sno cap) as a topping option. There were lots of great flavors like sour watermelon, mango, pina colada, lime, and a bunch more. Lots of the resteraunts had really good chicken strips! My dad and I kept track of who’s chicken strips were the best because I ate them at pretty much every resteraunt we went to. I also got lots of acai bowls. All in all, I loved the trip and really want to go back!